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Student Organizations

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Annual Registration

All CSOs are required to have a portal in WakeSync, our student organizations management system. Renewing your organization takes place on an annual basis in April and is required for updating all officers and governing documents.


Beginning April 1, all CSOs will need to re-register their portals in WakeSync to maintain their status with WFU. This must be done annually.



April 30 | CSOs not registered by this point will be made inactive.



Your organization’s administrators can update the portal and register the group. If your administrators are no longer at WFU, contact Annie Carlson Welch at

WHY DO WE REGISTER? This is an opportunity to update your portal, including new officers and contact information so we know how to reach out to you. A full list of the benefits is below. 


How to Renew Your CSO

1.  Log In to Wake Sync (using your WFU username and password)
2.  Click on Organizations
3.  Click on the CSO you want to update
4.  A blue box like the one below will be on you portal until it is updated. Click the link in the blue box and it will take you to the Basic Organization Profile.

Blue Box Picture

5.  Update the first page and click Next
6.  Enter in all correct information for your CSO on the second page
7.  Click Submit
8.  Then update your membership (next instructions)


Update Your Membership

It is important to maintain an updated membership roster in your portal so you can track your membership and we know how our students are getting involved. This must be completed as you are renewing your organization.

  1. Click on the CSO you want to update
  2. Click on people

To Add Members:

  1. Click on Invite People
  2. You can assign people to a particular membership category if you would like
  3. Feel free to type a message to them asking them to accept their membership into the portal
  4. List all emails, separated by a comma or one per line
  5. Click Submit

To Remove Members:

  1. Click on the box next to the person’s name
  2. Below their profile on the right, click Delete User from Profile


Benefits of Registering Your CSO

Student organizations receive many benefits as a result of being chartered with Wake Forest. CSOs are eligible for:

  • Participation in the Student Government funding process (SBAC)
  • Participation in the annual Student Involvement Fair
  • Free or reduced room reservations on campus, including the Benson Center and The Barn
  • Advising support from faculty and staff
  • Communication regarding upcoming leadership opportunities such as retreats, conferences and internships
  • Use of WakeSync, including a free website
  • Use of the Wake Forest University name as a student group


Need extra help?

Stop by Benson 349 on Tuesdays from 4-5pm throughout April. No appointment necessary!