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Student Organizations

An Office of Campus Life & Leadership

Other Responsibilities

Recognized organizations are not automatically entitled to Student Budget Allocation Committee funding; rather, they are eligible to apply for SBAC funding.

At the end of each academic year, each organization will be responsible for submitting President’s reports.  Organizations that are deemed inactive and/or have not shown an ability to fulfill its mission as set forth in its constitution will be subject to having its recognition revoked upon a recommendation of the Appropriations and Charter Committee to the Student Life Committee.

All student organizations must register with the Student Leadership & Organizations in April each year.  An inactive/formerly recognized organization must come before the Student Life Committee for approval of recognition again.

If a student organization loses its faculty advisor, the organization will have a period of one semester to secure a new advisor.  If a new advisor has not been secured by the end of the semester, the organization will be called before the Appropriations and Charter Committee to show cause as to why a new advisor has not been secured.  Failure to secure an advisor could result in the loss of the organization’s recognition.

No Wake Forest University student organization may either by written or unwritten policy or agreement selectively exclude students from its membership on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, veteran status, handicapped status, disability or sexual orientation, as required by law.  In addition, Wake Forest rejects hatred and bigotry in any form and adheres to the principle that no person affiliated with Wake Forest should be judged or harassed on the basis of perceived or actual sexual orientation.