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Student Organizations

An Office of Campus Life & Leadership


1. Complete Your Application & Constitution

Students interested in forming an organization should meet to ascertain whether or not there is sufficient interest to justify its existence and to make tentative plans.  Representatives of the proposed organization should contact Student Leadership & Organizations and the co-chairs of the Appropriations and Charter Committee at this stage for assistance in creating a constitution and initiating the recognition process.


2. Receive Approval from the Apps & Charters

Upon completion of a constitution, representatives of the proposed organization should request a hearing with the Appropriations and Charter Committee of the Student Government Legislature.  The proposed organization should meet the following requirements:

  • Submit a complete, grammatically- and structurally-correct constitution (this must be done prior to being granted a hearing)
  • Have an active membership which is sufficient in numbers to fulfill the organization’s purpose, sustain its organizational life and assure its ongoing leadership development.  In most cases a new organization will have an active membership of 10-15 members, though this can change based upon the nature of the organization.
  • If applicable, be able to distinguish itself from related organizations on campus and further demonstrate how they are unable to function under the auspice of an existing campus organization.

All student organizations operate under the purview of the Student Life Committee and the Appropriations and Charter Committee in their respective spheres of governance and are responsible to both.  The Committees are unlikely to approve the constitutions of proposed organizations which the Committees believe

  • discriminate against segments of the community
  • advocate the disruption of the educational process
  • threaten the health and safety of the organization or others
  • demean the personal dignity of individuals or groups
  • constrain the intellectual growth or reasonable personal freedoms of individuals

Such organizations, regardless of their status or how their issues are perceived outside the University community, are seen as a threat to the University’s mission and integrity.


3. Receive Approval from the Student Government’s Legislature

Upon completion of a hearing, the Appropriations and Charter Committee’s recommendation goes to the Student Government Legislature.  Proposed organizations are entitled to have a representative on hand to answer questions of the Legislature.  The Legislature’s decision, if affirmative, is then referred to the Student Life Committee.  The organization must secure a faculty/staff advisor and report the advisor’s name to the Student Life Committee before the Student Life Committee will vote on whether or not to approve recognition of the proposed organization.


4. Receive Approval from the Student Life Committee

Upon approval of recognition by the Student Life Committee, an organization is granted “provisional recognition” status as a WFU student organization.  This provisional recognition will apply for one year.  The co-chairs of the Appropriations and Charter Committee will assign a Committee member to serve as a representative to each provisionally recognized organization.  An organization enjoying provisional recognition will have all of the rights of a fully recognized organization, and will be required to submit a bi-monthly report to the Appropriations and Charter Committee discussing the organization’s programs and/or activities and how such programs and/or activities fulfill the organization’s mission.  At the end of the one year provisional term, the provisional status may be removed and the organization may be granted full WFU recognition.  As a duly recognized organization, the organization will be required to submit a yearly (rather than bi-monthly) report on its activities.  In addition, fully recognized student organizations will not be assigned an Appropriations and Charter representative unless one is requested for good reason.


5. Register Your New Chartered Student Organization (CSO) in WakeSync

All CSOs are required to have a portal in WakeSync, our student organizations management system. Reregistering your organization takes place on an annual basis in April and is required for updating all officers and governing documents. However, new CSOs can be added at any point in the year.

  1. Log into WakeSync (link to using your WFU username and password
  2. Click on Organizations at the top of the screen
  3. Click on Add Organization
  4. Click on Register New Organization at the top right
  5. Complete all fields and submit